Our Story

JUST Peanuts! a non-profit organization, founded by cyclist, Brian Horton. JUST Peanuts! will sponsor Horton, an Elephant, ride in supporting the movement to help find a Cure for diseases.

One disease at a TIME®. Only together will we find a Cure. Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Muscular Dystrophy, Leukemia and other diseases.

Mission Statement

JUST Peanuts! committed to REACHING people, RAISING support and the AWARENESS of disease.

JUST Peanuts! is centered around people. If you think JUST Peanuts! is just about collecting "Donations", you are mistaken. We encourage you to take the time and look deeper into our roots. Our mission is bigger than JUST Peanuts! We are not together unless you are with Us. Your life was made to be bigger than you.

What's your mission today?

Purpose and Principles

The purpose of JUST Peanuts! is to operate as a charitable organization of people who are committed to REACHING people, RAISING support and the AWARENESS of disease.

Principles of JUST Peanuts! :

  1. We Can Make A Difference Together
  2. We are FAITHFUL 100%
  3. One disease at a TIME®

By following our principles, JUST Peanuts! will help support the movement, medial research for all people rich or poor fight disease.

JUST Peanuts! is funded by :

  1. sponsorship donations from people (individuals and businesses) who desire to team with us
  2. selling promotional products

Those FAITHFUL to JUST Peanuts! in sharing and giving will set in motion the very principle for which we stand "We Can Make A Difference Together".

Easy Concept

JUST Peanuts! easy concept :

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