Team JUST Peanuts! is a united people. UNITED around a childlike elephant we can all follow and trust.

The only requirements to Join Team JUST Peanuts!

Individuals must be :

  1. Committed to REACHING people.
  2. Committed to RAISING support.
  3. Committed to the AWARENESS of disease.

Team JUST Peanuts! easy concept :

JUST Peanuts! Can Make A Difference by Sharing JUST Peanuts! within our neighborhoods.

Team JUST Peanuts! Sharing examples.

REACHING people :

  • Comment, Like, and Share JUST Peanuts! Fundraiser on facebook.
  • Share JUST Peanuts! with neighbors by Forwarding e-mail newsletters and news flashes composed by JUST Peanuts!
  • Distribute and Collect a JUST Peanuts! Can from participating businesses.
  • Collect local business cards in your neighborhoods to pass onto JUST Peanuts!
  • Display or Wear promotional items donated to JUST Peanuts!
  • Pass on and Display JUST Peanuts! Fundraiser cards.

REACHING support :

  • Believe - Every $1 donated, Every 1 minute shared of JUST Peanuts!, and Every 1 mile counts in our fight against disease. One disease at a TIME®
  • Grow your faith in JUST Peanuts! mission.
  • Help your neighbor. We need each other.

AWARENESS of disease :

  • Understand. We all are affected by disease in one way or another. Or perhaps, you think disease does not affect you, at least in your daily lives? I am healthy, clean and don’t know anyone with an untreatable disease. Can you be sure of that? Now, you may not know anyone; but how about tomorrow or 2-5 years down the road?
  • Fact? Disease comes in many forms but we generally categorize a disease as curable or incurable. In many cases, we can agree each type of disease has the ability to take on its own form leading us without much control.
  • Emotion. Disease often takes control of the body and mind. Although, the Good News is we can affect disease by our reaction. During difficult times, our life is unexpectedly interrupted and naturally several emotions go through our mind. Our neighbors receive news and thoughts arise. Faith, Hope and Love.

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